About Us


At Labelfy™, we believe in doing things different. We are a family owned business located in sunny Florida with a passion for many things including arts and crafts, and as a result, we were introduced to a whole new level of organization that changed our lives... labeling. 

Our mission was to create a portable, light and versatile label maker that combines the use of thermal technology and a state of the art mobile application. We designed a concept we felt would accomplish both requirements while keeping the modern family in mind and searched for months to find the best of the best manufacturers to make this idea a reality. Months later and after allot of hard work, we finally had the Labelfy™ Label Maker in our hands.

Labels are a fantastic way to keep objects in your home or workplace organized and a way for your kids to eliminate the chaos and clutter in their rooms while making it fun. We believe the Labelfy™ Label Maker to be the best tool for the job.

With the help of our business partners, supporters and our loyal customers, we hope that this tool can be of as much fun to you as it has been to us.

From our family to yours!